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William N. Sullivan, DDS
Christopher Stanosheck, DDS
PH: (239) 597-4944

Dentures & Partials

When patients are faced with missing several teeth, or even all their teeth, removable dental work may be recommended or preferred. Both complete and partial dentures are removable plastic teeth which are custom fitted to the patients’ mouth. The only difference is how many teeth are being replaced.

Both treatments are still quite common due to the following reasons:

  • cost effective way to replace lost teeth
  • ease of fabrication, non invasive techniques
  • teeth come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • easy to clean and maintain

Both of the treatments can be completed in as few as 4 short appointments, allowing patients to resume normal functioning shortly thereafter. It is still recommended that removable denture patients still visit with us at least once a year so we can evaluate the health of the oral tissues, as well as verify the dentures still fit appropriately.

Many patients utilize the advantage of dental implants to help stabilize their appliances. Special rubber gaskets can be placed into the denture. These gaskets are custom fitted, and lock into the head of the implant. This eliminates most of the micromovement, allowing patients to eat, talk, and speak more confidently.