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William N. Sullivan, DDS
Christopher Stanosheck, DDS
PH: (239) 597-4944

Root Canals

When the nerve inside the center of your tooth becomes sick, or dies, a root canal may be performed to help save it. Most people cringe at the thought of needing to have a root canal, however, after completion, most are surprised at how painless, and easy they can be. The goal of the procedure is to save your tooth, which negates the need to extract it, and replace it. At almost 95 % effective, it is one of the most predictable forms of dentistry we an offer our patients. Anesthesia is used to profoundly numb the area, allowing us to gently cleanse the center of the tooth, and sterilize it. A rubber material is then placed inside the tooth, all the way to the tip to seal it.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy include:

  • Saves your tooth from extraction and loss
  • very conservative
  • single appointment
  • clinically proven to be predictable
  • cost effective

Root canal therapy can be used to treat toothaches, broken teeth, infected teeth, and also can be done electively to allow for a post, which helps hold a crown on.