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William N. Sullivan, DDS
Christopher Stanosheck, DDS
PH: (239) 597-4944

Tooth Extractions

We try very hard to help our patients save their natural dentition, however in the event we can’t our office offers a full array of surgical services. When a tooth is lost, traditionally patients were sent home biting on gauze with nothing protecting or preserving the surgical site. Studies show that 40-60% of the supporting bone was lost forever when this was practiced.

Today’s modern techniques, utilizing bone grafting during surgery, help to preserve over 90% of the patient’s existing bone levels. Such techniques allow patients to become better candidates for dental implant tooth replacement by maintaining the thickness of the jawbone. It also aids in maximizing the esthetics of the final dental prosthesis. Our office routinely offers socket preservation as an adjunct to dental extractions.

We also treat patients who have suffered from a lifetime of dental problems and/or periodontal disease who require multiple extractions, utilizing the same techniques as described above. We can help those individuals maintain the integrity of their bone which could support crown and bridge, partial dentures or even a complete denture. Many patients undergo tooth extractions and leave with new teeth at the same appointment.