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Dental Implants Fix Loose Dentures

Dental Implants Fix Loose DenturesFor years, patients facing the loss of most, or all their teeth, were offered only one solution…dentures.  If the thought of loosing teeth isn’t bad enough, enduring a lifetime with loose fitting, painful plastic dentures is a tough reality.  Traditionally, denture wearers have had to adapt to the shortcomings of dentures.  
Dentures move under biting forces because they are entirely supported by the soft gums underneath.  This movement allows for the denture to rub the gums, causing pain and ulcerations. During meals, food is allowed to seep underneath the denture due to its movement.  Many patients combat this occurrence by using at home remedies such as dental adhesives.  They have proven to be very messy, troublesome, and only offer a limited relief to the patient.

Fortunately today, there is a better solution for loose dentures, and in involves dental implants.

 Dental Implants

Dental implants can be placed below a denture, and allows the denture to be snapped into place securely.  This retention allows for no, or minimal movement of the appliance, which greatly increases the patients comfort and confidence.  

The biggest complaint I hear as a Naples Dentist is, “I really can’t eat well with these things!”  This is because they are not currently held in by implants.  The implants are fitted with special attachments which use gaskets to hold the dentures in place.  The level of retention can be modified by using different strength gaskets.  This allows for a custom fit, and custom retention level.  The implants will also help to maintain the integrity of the jaw bone, minimizing the atrophy that can otherwise be expected.

To see if you’re a candidate, contact our office for a consultation.  Typically, a CT scan will be conducted here, and the treatment plan will be discussed. 


Dentures don’t have to be so terrible.  With the strategic use of dental implants, many patients are eating better, speaking better, and generally more confident that their teeth are secured permanently now.   

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