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The New Crown in Town

The New Crown in TownSince it's advanced over three years ago, zirconium crowns have demonstrated clinical service superior to any other tooth colored crown currently available. Zirconium is a natural material that can be found on the periodic table of elements. Because of its characteristics, it actually is found among the metals. It has become the "go to" crown choice due to its very high flexural strength, it's adequate aesthetics, and allows for minimal preparation of the teeth when spacing is at a minimum. It allows the dentist to prepare teeth as if a gold crown were to be placed, but the final result is a white tooth. The material has been found to be kind to the opposing teeth, and its surface texture mimics that of enamel quite impressively.
We currently use these crowns  on both natural teeth,  and on implants. Many patients exhibit bruxism,  or tooth grinding on a daily basis, and require a strong alternative to previous dental crowns.  When compared to other white crown available, zirconium crowns by far exceed  the others and strength by over three times. This translates into more predictable dentistry,  longer crown life,  and improved aesthetics. 

As a dentist in Naples Florida,  patients have come to expect  white crowns  when faced with restoring a tooth. With  zirconium  crowns, I can offer aesthetic crowns to patients who have been told in the past that they were not candidates. Due to the success of this material, I would not be surprised  if metal-based  dentistry  will be a thing of the past.

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