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Prevent Bone Loss After Tooth Loss

Most people dread seeing the dentist on a good day, let alone on an emergency basis.  Unfortunately, it is common for patients to develop infections, or fractures around the teeth which requires us to extract a tooth.  Traditionally, the tooth would be removed, and the patient left biting on a gauze pack.  This technique was effective, but the resulting bone loss can create future dilemmas down the road.  Fortunately today, we can help prevent bone loss following extractions.

Prevent Bone Loss After Tooth Loss

Routinely, when we extract a tooth in our office, the patient is offered Socket Preservation.  This is a fancy term for bone grafting.  When a tooth is lost, we can expect 40-60% of the surrounding bone to atrophy within the first 2 years, and 1-2% each year thereafter.  The bone grafting procedure helps to eliminate the significant initial bone loss, "preserving" the integrity of the extraction site.  This becomes important when it comes time to restore the site with a dental implant, bridge, or denture.

When a dental implant is planned, the area must have not only enough bone height and width to hold it, it must be quality dense bone.  Bone grafting helps maximize those three features.  Even if a dental implant is not planned, maintaining the bone below a bridge of denture is paramount to help support the dental prosthesis, and to achieve maximum aesthetics.

As a practicing dentist in Naples Florida for the past 15 years, I have performed this valuable service routinely.  I truly believe in its benefits, and allows patients to make healthier, and more predictable choices for their mouths.

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