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The New Crown in Town

Since it's advanced over three years ago, zirconium crowns have demonstrated clinical service superior to any other tooth colored crown currently available. Zirconium is a natural material that can be found on the periodic table of elements. Because of its characteristics, it actually is found among the metals. It has become the "go to" crown choice due to its very high flexural strength, it's adequate aesthetics, and allows for minimal preparation of the teeth when spacing is at a minimum. It allows the dentist to prepare teeth as if a gold crown were to be placed, but the final...

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Dental Implants Fix Loose Dentures

For years, patients facing the loss of most, or all their teeth, were offered only one solution…dentures.  If the thought of loosing teeth isn’t bad enough, enduring a lifetime with loose fitting, painful plastic dentures is a tough reality.  Traditionally, denture wearers have had to adapt to the shortcomings of dentures.     Dentures move under biting forces because they are entirely supported by the soft gums underneath.  This movement allows for the denture to rub the gums, causing pain and ulcerations. During meals, food is allowed...

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Toothache...Now What?

Many of us have had sleepless nights because of a dreaded toothache.  The lucky ones may of had an inkling of warning, but most are totally caught off guard by this dental emergency.  As a practicing dentist in Naples, Florida, there are three common causes of toothaches that we treat. The most common toothache we treat is the dreaded dental abscess.  An abscess is an infection of the inside of the tooth, which quickly spreads into the jaw bone causing pressure and pain.  This can be caused by deep dental decay, a fractured tooth, or even excessive tooth grinding. ...

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